An easy entry to understand how you yourself can include meditation practice into your daily routine.


Meditation and experiencing your own senses in a calm and relaxed state.


Inspiring with tasks, exercises and ideas of how you can get closer to the source of your being.


Simple walks without any objective but chatting in a healthy environment.


An introduction to several Shinrin Yoku exercises which activate all your physical senses to feel more connected with your body.


Simple chat about you, your motives and the changes you are seeking.


Letting your inner world express on paper using poetry, descriptive exercises and more.

Frau sitzt am Wasser


Mindfulness is stimulated through various physical and mental exercises and promotes the perception of the presence in the current moment. Some of them fall under the great concept of meditation. Mindfulness meditation is a simple, contemplative practice of becoming aware. In doing so, we should explore our active experience. There are countless studies, including some empirical ones, that show improvements in the immune system and lifestyle in practitioners.

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Besides working with communication coaching as described in our services, I have been practicing mindfulness in my own life since 2016 and my own awareness has gradually changed and improved my whole situation. That's why I want to pass on the basics that have helped me on my way.

Besides mindfulness, I entered the studies of Transactional Analysis by Eric Bern (and forever grateful to my mentor Marco) and other modern psychological approaches towards the recognition of interpersonal relationships and character shaping. Further, my own approach towards pre-modern healing techniques helps me to see the problem of a person through a holistic approach, as body and mind are interconnected and both need to be considered.

My biggest motivation is the improvement of the person who seeks my support. First small steps can be live changing in the long run and that is something everybody needs to know: the solution does not come easy. It is a never ending process of becoming aware.

Mindfulness Sessions make sense for you if you

  • feel blocked and want to explore and resolve this block.

  • feel that negative cycles are repeating themselves in your life and you feel powerless.

  • want to improve your direct circumstances and seek healthy relationships.

  • you want to feel more connected in your own life.


An introductory preliminary talk with a strategy proposal is completely non-binding and free of charge for everyone and can be requested using the contact form.

EUR 180


Introductory package with 3 one-hour sessions. (VAT exempt)

EUR 80

Further Practice

Further individual hourly sessions (VAT exempt) online or in Potsdam, Germany.

EUR 220

Berlin or Walks

2h sessions in Berlin or in a park/forest nearby.

The consultations can take place in person in Potsdam and Berlin or via video conference. Payments can be made via PayPal or direct bank transfer. International payments are possible via PayPal or Wise. A receipt for the provided service can usually be given in the desired language.