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Artificial Intelligence in Arts

Updated: Jun 1

Due to my work with contemporary art developments, I entered the field of researching the application of Artificial Intelligence in arts, and by writing art, I do not mean design or any other aesthetically approved visual contributions, but the participation of algorithms in creative art processes without having the urge to be approved, neither visually nor by content.

I came across some amazing developments, such as Rosa Menkman and Roman Lipski, who both deal with the inspiring option of AI art "suggestions". Later in 2019 I was participating in an economic congress (Mittelstand Digital 4.0 Kongress) about AI and how digitalization could be something that does not scare us, something that requires our openness, trust and wants us to be brave to try new ways. Supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, for the first time the field of art has been integrated and being motivated by the organizers, I was able to invite a group of internationally active artists from Brazil to participate with an own piece.

The group was assembled by digital artist Graziele Lautenschläger and also involved Fabrizio Augusto Poltronieri and Radamés Ajna. Together they developed a poetic project, where the poem "Traduzir-se" (to translate) by the modern poet Ferreira Gullar was able to find via video search clips related to the single lines of the poem.

How did it work? Well! Very intuitively!

Would you for example click on the word "passion", you would receive as a result a selection of video clips the algorithm believes to be passion after doing an own research, and this was happening in seven languages, including German and Japanese, which was not only therefore a project of translating and interpreting words, but also an intercultural glimpse at our contemporary times.

The final piece is called "Untitled" and we do hope to find more opportunities to show this piece of art using AI technology and integrating the viewer int he process.

My sincere gratitude to the artists!

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