• Kristina Bodrozic-Brnic

Digitalization matters when reducing the wealth gap in our societies

I am about to enter a new project which is about capacitating employment seeking people to research and work digitally. In our western countries we still have high percentages of people with all kinds of educational backgrounds who fall through the cracks when it comes to digitalization, and in times where the policies are defining the economies path, only the fittest survive. Again. Yes.

These differences in digital knowledge lead to a very selective process in our western societies, the "haves" and the "not haves", where unemployment threatens your existence and thus the possibility of securing your & your family's basic needs is not given anymore, not even in a well-fare state such as Germany.

It is our responsibility to teach those who do not know, to make them feel comfortable in trying new things and to let parents know how important the investment and participation in digital education is for their children's future. We should prevent the wealth gap from growing bigger.

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