• Kristina Bodrozic-Brnic

Newsletter 01: WorldTribe! What and who is that?

WorldTribe is evolving out of my long experience as an on- & offline language trainer, interculturalist, art promoter and the list could go on, but I prefer to stop. In July 2019 my Sabbatical ended and I started over with teaching languages in Berlin, Germany. Soon I found myself involved with related projects considering translations, content creation for the digital language market and starting teaching educators and business people about how to move through the internet when performing their duties. This is fun! And there are so many new discoveries! Therefore, I am now setting up a team of both, enrooted old-schoolers and floating digital nomads from around the world, many with whom I had worked before in Brazil in other projects, too. Together, we want to bound our skills to bring benefits to our clients, who need to solve all possible matters in communication.

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