• Kristina Bodrozic-Brnic

Shinrin Yoku: A Mindful Walk in Nature

Another novelty is our introduction of Shinrin Yoku to our friends from Berlin, Potsdam and surroundings. I started working with Shinrin Yoku in São Paulo, first, to be more connected with nature and second, to relieve my fear of touching nature, such as insects or funny surfaces. The self-therapy works and only brought me more benefits.

Shinrin Yoku is Japanese and is often simply translated to Forest Bathing, and practically this is what it is. You bath with all your senses in an abundant greenery around you for over an hour. The forest therapy can also be applied in bigger and less crowded public parks and besides people's personal experience, Shinrin Yoku techniques are medically proven to have an impact on stress-reduction, heart-rate decrease and improves respiratory functions in some participants. Among the psychological benefits can be the reduction of anxiety, a gain in self-confidence and an improved awareness of one’s surrounding. Such developments may positively influence a participants private & professional life.

When observing society and our generations, I see how we are all more and more bound to our desks and used to city grey, and when almost never really walk and use apps, that congratulate us for doing 10.000 steps a day. Not so long ago, more people lived in the countryside in small cities and villages. There, an amount of 10.000 steps meant nothing to them. They probably walked the double each day without noticing. But this is far from our reality. Our physical and mental health often needs extra support in our times and this is the main reason for me to offer Shinrin Yoku, so that those among you feeling the urge to get out, find a method to do so easily.

Shinrin Yoku is our main Mindfulness-practice training for you! I invite you to join me on a free introduction on the 5th of July at 10am in Potsdam! To register and receive the exact coordinates, register via Facebook or write an email to kristina@worldtribe.de. Also check our website for more Shinrin Yoku!

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