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Teachers love working on-line

...when they learned how to do it and when the regular school bureaucracy is not overwhelming. On-line teaching requires new models of contents, homework and testing. Traditional ways will only block the teachers and confuse their students. Due to the Corona-crisis situation part of my work still is to prepare educators for their on-line work! How can they achieve their objectives, have realistic expectations and deal with discomfort? All these and other questions are considered in our on-line seminars.

In Germany the situation is improving and the second semester 2020 will surely go smoother with more experience, willingness to be creative and also thanks to more public and private investments into the digitalisation of schooling. But it was no easy start and many schools stayed closed for three months. In comparison to this, I was very happy to read once more, how satisfactorily my home country Croatia dealt with the switch from in-class lecturing to teaching on-line and want to share this article from Croatia Week with you.

Also, if you want to learn how to work and teach on-line, let us know and we will set up an initial call to understand your situation. Simply use our contact form.

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