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Yoga is for Everyone - Interview with Denica Yotova

To tell you more in depth about our Well-Being Retreats, Bruno Čondić from marketing interviewed Denica Yotova, our Yoga-teacher and retreat co-host! Read the article and if you haven't tried yoga or given yourself some time to calm down on a retreat, maybe now is the time!

How did you first get into yoga and what are the benefits of practicing yoga daily?

I started practicing Yoga in 2016 by chance and since then, I never really let go of it. Soon after I discovered Yoga, I became so fascinated by it, that I took a journey to India and became a Yoga teacher. Despite the popular views, Yoga is not a sport and the benefits of living a Yogic life are much bigger than just a good physical shape. It brings harmony and peace of mind, which is priceless in the hectic world we live in.

What is your role during the Well-Being Retreat?

I designed the yoga program of the Well-Being Retreat. It is organized around the five elements of Ayurveda: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. During the Retreat, I teach different Yin and Yang Yoga classes, inspired by the element of the day including Asana practice (a sequence of Yoga poses), Pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation.

How does yoga or any other form of exercise benefit someone's well-being?

Taking care of our bodies is as important as taking care of our mind and soul. When we talk about well-being, I do not separate physical health from mental health, as they are related. Yoga is a great way to maintain both as it involves different practices, which usually train your physical strength and flexibility as well as your concentration, relaxation, and other qualities. Yoga is a holistic method of well-being.

How many times a day should we exercise and why? Do our surroundings play an important role while exercising, like being outdoors in nature or being indoors?

I don’t think there is a universal answer to this question as everybody’s needs are individual. It is great if we do something for our health daily, but it does not necessarily need to be a very exhausting physical exercise. It could be a nice long walk in a park or even in the city, a meditation before sleep, a gentle Yoga class, a run, a swim, anything that feels right for us on that day. Of course, I like spending time in nature and doing activities outdoors more, but sometimes it feels nice to be indoors with a candle and relaxing music, too. We should learn to listen to our bodies and follow them, as they know best what we need at each given moment.

What do you think are the retreat guests’ first impressions of yoga? Is yoga for everyone?

Most of the participants have practiced Yoga before and they look forward to having it during the retreat. I would say that Yoga is for everyone who wants to try Yoga. For everyone who would like to improve their quality of life, have a good connection with their body, and who is willing to go on a self-discovery journey. Yoga may offer a way of achieving all this.

How has yoga impacted your life? Can you describe your life, and well-being before and after you started practicing yoga?

After I got introduced to Yoga, my life started changing naturally. For example, before that I was eating meat regularly and never really had the intention to give it up, but after I went deeper into Yoga, meat just fell out of my menu by itself. I could think of many other changes and benefits, as it impacted my entire life. As it comes to well-being, Yoga made me more conscious and aware of different ways of living, which brought me not only physical health improvement, but an overall positive change.

What advice do you have for those who want to practice yoga but just can't get started?

I would say everything happens at the right moment. If someone already has the curiosity for Yoga, there is a reason for that and they should give it a chance perhaps. Feeling good in your own skin and body could become a very addictive thing, so Yoga is a way to maintain a good connection with yourself. Maybe this is your sign to try it out.

Denica Yotova! Thank you very much for our little interview and thank you for working with us on the creation of such a holistic concept of improvement of well-being in people.

My pleasure.


More information on our retreats you can find here:

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