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WorldTribe believes in the interconnectivity of all things and is a worldwide network with active partners worldwide. We offer a wide range of services supporting activities related to online and hybrid event-planning, virtual communication, virtual teaching, AI acceptance, intercultural communication, interpreters for online & hybrid events, mindfulness and natural self-love.

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Stay connected with the world. These coaching sessions improve team communication by introducing virtual possibilities of knowledge transfer, inspiring virtual orientation, and adding a dash of intercultural communication for international teams.

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Group Calls


Communicating with the world. With us, you are able to learn more about the differences among cultures and which parts matter in communication. What role do the micro and macro culture play in business and in relationships? We help you with matters regarding East Asia, Germany, South America and offer more via our network of coaches and consultants.

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Smiling for the Camera


From E-Mail to Presentations, we will teach your team how to learn and improve their digital communication skills. We offer hands-on modules, such as "Writing a Document", "Working in the Cloud", "Understanding AI", as well as more psychological modules such as "Boost your presentation skills", "Prepare for a virtual interview", etc.

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Digital Sketching


We offer guidance in how to create a hybrid event, one that invites people to a location, but also streams online or has online speakers. We plan for you the executive strategies and content. As a client, you remain responsible for choosing the platform and guaranteeing access.

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Online Learning


Embrace life’s challenges. These sessions focus on improving your interactions at work and in life. How can you help yourself to feel more balanced? How can you separate off and online, professional from private? What are the "small steps" that would work for you? Let's figure this out together.

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Sitting Meditation Zazen


For online & hybrid events.Through our wide network, we train and offer interpreters for English - German, English - Portuguese, English - Chinese, Chinese - German, Spanish - Portuguese, French - Portuguese, Croatian - Portuguese, Spanish - English, Chinese - Portuguese among others.

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Copying Down


Online language courses. At our partner business WT Languages, we offer teachings in many world languages, such as Mandarin Chinese, German, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and so on. Just ask us and we'll schedule a chat.

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Remote Learning


Our calm Well-Being Retreat occurs twice a year (Spring & Autumn) at our charming Villa Luka, isolated in the mountains of Dalmatia near Svib, Croatia. The retreat program is designed around four components for a healthy lifestyle and well-being, including: Food Consciousness, Body Awareness & Yoga, Forest Bathing (Shinrin Yoku), Personal & Group Coaching.

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Stretching on a Cliff
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