Women mentoring women.

First Round: JAN 9th FEB 20th 2023

Mentors: Coaches and leadership personalities from all over the world

Mentees: Women between 17 and 37.


Sometimes all we need is a good impulse to create on top of what we already have.  We want to motivate young women to take a step further and be successful in their studies, careers & entrepreneurship.

Read the whole WHY in our blog article. 

Fem:Go Program Details


Our mentors are women from different kind of sectors, such as HR, coaching, tech & innovation, management, etc. We seek to inspire, and do not want to tell you what to do. Rather you and one of us exchange in a conversation experience and ideas.


Become a mentee & allow one of us to enter this exchange with you. Sometimes all you need is a bit of sharing & a dash of inspiration to become more courageous on your own path. If you are between 17 and 37 tell us a bit about yourself and apply here.


From Jan 9th to Feb 20th in 2023 you will meet one of us in 2-3 virtual or life encounters where you can work on your developing your path in your studies, job or entrepreneurship. 

Have a simple exchange and take time you to reflect.

Our mentors

All our mentors "have been there" as well at some point. That is why we do this program together. Let us introduce ourselves to you.

Select a mentor who speaks your language or allow us to do the match-making.


Kristina Bodrožić-Brnić

WorldTribe founder, Coach, Project Manager @Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Zukunftskultur, Creative AI researcher

Coaching languages: German, English, Portuguese, Chinese, Croatian

Topics: Mindfulness, leadership, team-communication, resilience


Mathilde Roch

Life coach & business administrator, @Gestifin SA, supporting entrepreneurs to deploy their full potential with fun, energy and creativity.

Coaching languages: French, English

Topics: awareness, entrepreneurship, family & job

WORLTRIBE TEAM (Instagram Post) (18).png

Cornelie Schlegel

Former leader of the 'Agentur für Arbeit' (employment agency) in Neuruppin 2006-2017, a mindful listener who always loves to be involved with people and to make a change.


Coaching language: German


Topics: female leadership, job-starter, public sectors