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Lifestyle: Digital Nomads in Croatia

by Bruno Čondić

Digital nomads are people who work online in various locations of their own choice. A beautiful lifestyle where you can make a living and at the same time, you can travel and discover places, people, foods, and cultures. Today, more and more digital nomads are coming to work in Croatia.

Just in case you did not know: Croatia is a small charming country at the Adriatic Sea in Southern Europe. Many digital nomads from all over the world chose to come here because of the favourable Mediterranean climate in the coastal region. They prefer staying in big cities like Split, Dubrovnik, and Zadar, or in the capital Zagreb which is in the continental region of Croatia. Apart from the nice climate, the country offers great food, friendly people, a good work environment, and a digital nomad visa.

Everything here goes at a slower pace. It's not all about work, but also relaxing, drinking coffee with friends, spending time outside in the parks, and taking it easy. Life here is chill and you can simply feel safe and go wherever you want to. On top of that, living here is affordable: from housing, organic food, health insurance to the Internet. The Internet in Croatia is not only cheap, but also reliable so you can always be connected.

The only downside of choosing to stay in big coastal cities is the tourist season. During the tourist season, cities are packed with people and it becomes uncomfortable to move around as well as the prices are much more expensive. This is the right time to choose preferably the continental regions of Croatia, which is also beautiful and unique.

If you want to have a summer experience close the coast you can always escape to the Dalmatian Hinterland. There you can have similar experiences like in the city. There are fewer people and it's always relaxing and calm. Smaller towns and villages are surrounded by nature and almost every village offers places to stay or to book a temporary home, like in the village of Svib, a quite charming tiny place close to the Bosnian border.

When in Svib you can stay for exemple at the Villa Luka - a beautiful guesthouse which overlooks the village and is surrounded by a forest. From this village, you can visit the small towns of Imotski and Sinj, the national park Krka and the beautiful river Cetina.

Other options in the hinterlands that offer a similar realms could be found in the small-towns of Cista Provo, Lovreć, Trilj, and Sinj. There you will have everything you need and more. If you have already made up your mind to discover Croatia, enjoy your stay and don’t be afraid to go off the tourist path!

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