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My Top Apps for You

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

by Bruno Čondić

Our world is changing every day. Life seems like it's going faster and faster, you can get the feeling of not being able to keep up anymore. Of course, usually older generations have it a lot harder than younger generations because young people grew up with technology and can adapt to sudden changes. But that's not always the case. As everything around us is switching to digital platforms some people struggle to get used to it and some don't. Luckily, there are folks aiming to make our lives easier - with apps. As of today, many apps will help you get through college, meet new people, take care of yourself or just be able to put your phone away! Here are some apps that I personally found interesting.

Like Skout. Skout is a good app for meeting new people. And this can be hard, especially when searching for new acquaintances and friends in a brand new community or country. So your phone can be your guide for making new friends wherever you go. This app can be very helpful for young students who decided to study abroad or expats in general.(

Another app for all students is Blinklist. This app summarizes non-fiction books on various topics useful for academia, research or writing. This can help you save time when writing a thesis, essay or summary. The main topics are business, self-improvement, technology, biographies, etc. Now you can read or listen to the main theme in under minutes to find out whether specific content is what you’ve been looking for. You don't have to spend a huge amount of time looking through books anymore. (

The next app that I found useful and wish that I had known about earlier is Stack. Stack is an app which will replace your need for a printer. Now your phone has the function of a scanner, too. Simply point your phone at a document and take a picture. Stack will convert the image to PDF, and gives you the tools to sharpen and crop it. And, since this is a Google app, it's seamlessly integrated into all of your GSuite services, so sharing, uploading, and labeling the scanned doc are only a few clicks away.(

For proud homeowners, there is an app, too. Maintaining your house can be rather difficult, like plumbing and electricity. Angi can help you with that. Angi is an app that connects people with local contractors and home services. Shopping for contractors is an absolute pain, but Angi makes the process just a little bit easier and lets you see real reviews and ratings from professionals in your area.(

With all these apps you may think that we might be too dependent on our phones, and to your surprise, there is an app that will help you with that, too. This app is called Forest. Forest helps you to depend less on your phone by simply locking your phone. Set a timer in the app for as long as you want and in the meantime, a virtual tree will grow in the app. When the tree grows to completion you can use your device again, and you’ll earn coins that you can save and use to plant real trees in Africa, thanks to a partnership with the nonprofit ‘Trees for the future’. (

Technology will keep on growing and so will we. It may be hard but thanks to apps like these, more and more people will make their lives easier and more enjoyable.


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