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Looking back at our October Retreat 2021

It's been a great experience to have received women from different parts in Germany at our Well-Being Retreat, which took place in Svib, Croatia in the charming Villa Luka, a 100 year old Dalmatian country house.

During our retreat we dealt with awareness and mindfulness exercises, trust building, healthy eating and physical exercises and activities. The goal was to learn or re-learn new ways, small things, one could do, in daily life, to improve the general well-being. And the thing with well-being is that compounding and really taking those small steps in life, lead to more satisfaction. It is simple like this and so hard yet to proceed with healthy habits in daily life.

But whatever happens, I hope that you will always find the way back to yourself.

Here are some photos of those days!

By the way: Our next retreat is from June, 4th to 11th 2022!

Be part of this small group of people! Costs per person are at 1155 Euro for a single room, and should their be a couple or friends sharing a room, it is 1050 per person.

Private retreat scheduling for only your people is possible. Just get in touch!

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