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Take some time for your well-being and health

The Spring edition of our Well-Being Retreat is coming at the beginning of June

What better way to celebrate the change of seasons than taking some time to reconnect with yourself and with nature in a beautiful remote location in the Croatian mountains of Dalmatia. At the end of spring, we will gather again to celebrate the awakening of nature and the blooming greens.

With a small group of participants, we will learn more about ourselves and the improvements we can do to our diet, routine, and lifestyle to feel better and live a healthy life. During the retreat days, we will step into the unnoticed beauty around us via forest bathing and reenergise our bodies and minds with customised yoga sessions according to the theme of the day.

All meals will be plant-based and cooked together, accompanied by informative discussions about healthy nutrition and food consciousness.

During the afternoons, we will have the opportunity to enjoy the spacious garden or to cool down in the swimming pool and gather some sun rays.

If you also dream about fresh air, forest smells, sunshine, singing birds, and nature, we would love to have you with us in Croatia in June.

It is important to know when to pause and take care of yourself before it is too late. Perhaps our Well-Being Retreat is the perfect occasion for you to take some time for recreation and health.

“If you get tired, learn to rest and not to quit.” Banksy

Do you want to save your spot?

Find more details here and get in touch with our well-being coaches:


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