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WorldTribe Anniversary and Exhibition "Der Beginn einer Reise" by Annika Wieland

Last Saturday we had a small crowd here at the office and about 25 clients, friends and family joined us for a celebration. On the piano Vito Cassano performed his very best to create an atmosphere of joy and union. Kristina Bodrožić-Brnić spoke about the developments of the past year where her research with fellow authors resulted in a book on creativity and artificial intelligence, published by Mittelstand-Digital. (Read it here.)

For the next year WorldTribe wants to proceed with everything they are already doing and start a new mentorship program for young women, called Fem:Go, where the coaches Mathilde Roch and Cornelie Schlegel are involved right from the start. (Read more about it here.)

Annika Wieland, a Potsdam based painter and software project consultant, showcases her work at the office for two weeks and gave a speech where she mentioned how painting on a canvas was much easier than painting children's faces, which love tomove all the time., so she proceeded with this.

See some photos here!

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